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Project A, on-air 9-21-02, part 1

Side A
Artist Song
The Velvet Underground  Rock and Roll 
Spoon  The Way We Get By 
Sleater-Kinney  Oh! 
Elliott Smith  A Question Mark 
Microphones  Moon Moon 
Luxury  Euphrates With the Golden Hands 
Rites of Spring  All Through a Life 
Drums and Tuba  Sevens 
No. 2  Pop in C 
Flaming Lips  Turn It On 
Sleater-Kinney  Turn It On 
Dillinger Escape Plan with Mike Patton  Come to Daddy 
Sonic Youth  The Empty Page 
Van Morrison  The Way Young Lovers Do 
I Am the World Trade Center  Big Star 
Western Keys  Denies 
Kind of Like Spitting  Born Beautiful 
Brainwash Projects  The General Office Clerk's Swing Scene 
The Pixies  Here Comes Your Man (live) 
Chris Bell  You and Your Sister 
B.R.M.C.  Too Real 
Aunt Bettys  Jesus 
Link 80  Nothing Left 
Buckethead  Telegraph Land of the Crispies 
Anti-Flag  Ever Fallen in Love 
Bangs  Dirty Knives 
Eels  Last Stop: This Town 
Mary Lou Lord  You're Gonna Miss Me When You Go 
The Moldy Peaches  Who's Got the Crack 
Plankeye  Say Now That You're Sorry 
Side B
Ladytron  True Mathematics 
Ace Troubleshooter  Amanda 
Casual Friday  Had Enough, Moving On 
Prince Paul  Back to the Lab 
Black Flag  Thirsty and Miserable 
The Sex Pistols  Holidays in the Sun 
Television  See No Evil 
the The  Dogs of Lust 
Interpol  Say Hello to the Angels 
Pere Ubu  Slow Walking Daddy 
Shearwater  An Accident 
The 6ths  As You Turn to Go 
The Reindeer Section  Will You Be There For Me? 
Text  Sound Is Compressed; Words Hiss and Rebel 


my first radio show. this is the first three hours, which is how long the show normally lasts. the next guy didn't show up, so I just kept playing songs. the station engineer said it was cool. if this mess interests you at all, I broadcast Saturdays 3-6 PM Central Standard Time from . this show is a blast.
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anybody else but you.
Date: 9/24/2002
nothingnice is hot. less talk more rock!
Date: 9/24/2002
nothing nice to say is the coolest and this mix has "Who's Got the Crack?" so therefore it is the coolest too