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no one sleeps yet

Artist Song
seldom  can't/must 
benton falls  fighting starlight 
aloha  roanoke born 
the appleseed cast  strings 
christie front drive  instant romance 
camera obscura  sarasota 
planes mistaken for stars  leaning the room 
the party of helicopters  just as astral 
ides of space  switchboard 
the six parts seven  last dance for a hundred nobodies 
no knife  if it moves, kiss it 
unwed sailor  the faithful anchor 
wheat  don't i hold you? 
the rocking horse winner  from miles away 
pedro the lion  june 18, 1976 
pohgoh  worst case scenario 
the jim yoshii pile-up  breakdown championship 
minus the bear  pantsuit... uggghhh 


july 2002; a gift for someone i was just getting to know.


Date: 9/27/2002
partyofhelicopters+unwedsailor+wheat+minusthebear = yesyesyes!