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CD | Theme - Depression

heartbreak mix

Artist Song
Sleater-Kinney  The Swimmer 
Ben Folds Five  Brick 
Tom Waits  Please Call Me, Baby 
Billy Bragg  Valentine's Day is Over 
Heavenly  She 
Joe Henry  Trampoline 
Cadallaca  Pocket Games 
Belle & Sebastian  Slow Graffiti 
Jude  The Asshole Song 
Radiohead  Creep 
Harvey Danger  Problems and Bigger Ones 
Elliott Smith  The Biggest Lie 
David Gray  This Year's Love 
Wilco  Another Man's Done Gone 
Travis  Funny Thing 
Belle & Sebastian  Belle & Sebastian 
Belle & Sebastian  Put the Book Back on the Shelf 


A CD I made agesandages ago and much too hastily titled 'the heartbreak mix,' when much of it has little to do with heartbreak. Eh. It's massively depressing, though. Good times.