two doses daily

Side A
Artist Song  rascuache 
les savy fav  dishonest don part 2 
radiohead  no surprises (live) 
le tigre  deceptacon 
folk implosion  free to go 
promise ring  emergency! emergency! 
blinker the star  below the sliding doors 
sebadoh  flame 
television  i don't care 
evergreen  solar song 
the rentals  getting by 
euphone  fallout 
smoking popes  i know you love me 
Side B
blur  no distance left to run 
mary lou lord  lights are changing 
mocket  should it wait? 
seaweed  antilyrical 
dump  clarity 
764-hero  stained glass 
ben folds five  smoke (live) 
yatsura  slain by elf 
knapsack  katherine the grateful 
far  mother mary 
sunny day real estate  pillars 
tortoise  the equator 
elliott smith  waltz #2 (XO) 


depressing songs (mostly "emo" and indie rock) taken from CMJ New Music Monthly CDs. two doses daily of this mix may not cure all your mental and emotional ailments, but at least it'll help you feel like you're not alone!


Date: 5/2/2001
i like this alot. if i wore hats, i'd take mine off to you. wow... they're all off of the CMJ cd's? i kinda lost interest in that magazine years ago, but it looks like they're still putting nice stuff on the cds. fun!