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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
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Cassette | Mixed Genre

Chapel Hill In The Rearview

Side A
Artist Song
Naked Raygun  Vanilla Blue 
S.N.F.U.  The Ceiling 
Gray Matter  Burn No Bridges 
Husker Du  The Biggest Lie 
Wire  Ex-Lion Tamer 
The Misfits  Hatebreeders 
Bad Brains  Sailin' On 
Jawbox  Tools & Chrome 
Big Black  Passing Complexion 
Side B
Black Flag  Out Of This World 
Lemonheads  Sneakyville 
Ignition  Bullet In Mind 
Fuel  Disengaged 
Descendents  My World 
Gorilla Biscuits  New Direction 
Rights Reserved  Chicken Soda 
Nomeansno  Oh No, Bruno! 
Karp  Rocky Mountain Rescue 


this mix was constructed for my friends Al and Harrison when they were in Hellbender and went on a winter tour. Im not sure if it survived or not.