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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
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Cassette | Mixed Genre

Clocked By Flying Hands

Side A
Artist Song
Effluvia  Sin Yeah Sin 
Heavens To Betsy  She's The One 
Cub  Hello Kitty 
Bratmobile  Bitch Theme 
Slant 6  Alien Movie Star 
Pixies  Manta Ray 
Jale  Mosquito 
764-HERO  Dragon 
Modest Mouse  Dirty Fingernails 
Side B
Girls Against Boys  Everything I Do Seems To Cost Me $20 
Moonshake  City Poison 
Paper Tulips  Take It Out On My Car 
June of '44  Does Your Heart Beat Slower? 
Kryptonite Nixon  Fuselage 
Trusty  Wish It Were Me 
Lois  Page Two 
Boy's Life  Breaker Breaker 
Regulator Watts  Candy Bullet-O 


One year I worked third shift, and this was the tape that killed time on the walk from my apartment to work, and vice versa in the morning.