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Cassette | Alternative - Punk

The List is Thousands Long, Volume Two

Side A
Artist Song
Neurosis  Emergence 
Death Side  The Will Never Die 
Disaffect  Can't See the Woods 
Unhinged  Misere 
In/Humanity  No Thanks Mr. Roboto 
Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live  They Shall Not Pass 
Copout  Haitian Expeditionary Force 
Drift  Rights for You 
His Hero is Gone  Marry and Reproduce 
Wolfpack  Bastards 
Dystopia  Cosmetic Plague 
Citizens Arrest  Without Peace 
Decrepit  Self Employed Savior 
Bastard  Cause of Civilization 
Default  It's Only Getting Colder 
ABC Diabolo  Go Round in Pacifist Circles 
Logical Nonsense  All We Have 
Anti-Cimex  When the Innocent Die 
Articles of Faith  Up Against the Wall 
Left for Dead  Pliant 
Electro Hippies  Could You Look Me in the Eyes 
The Gaia  Love and Peace 
Conflict  Bomb 
Suppression  Subserviant Fuck 
Skitsystem  Maktens Murar Rasar 
Side B
Sacrilege  Shadow from Mordor 
Oi Polloi  Take Back the Land 
Partisans  Police Story 
Anthrax  Capitalism is Cannibalism, Violence is Violence 
Ottawa  Victim of Dedication 
Chaos UK  4 Minute Warning 
The Unseen  What are We Waiting For 
Killer Instinct  Torture You First 
Ambush  Illusions 
Disrupt  Another Angle on Angling 
Servitude  Breath 
Scrotum Grinder  The Fight Song 
Die Kreuzen  Hate Me 
Scatha  Fuck the System 
Jerry's Kids  Break the Mold 
Kung Fu Rick  Pasted into Place 
Appendix  Kateus 
Hardcores  Todellinen Valta 
Bezerk  Traitor 
Amebix  Chain Reaction 
Purgen  Shackles of Government 
Swallowing Shit  I May Be PC (Whatever the Fuck that Means), But You're a Goddamn Poseur 


This tape is Volume Two of two for my friend Mike. Whereas Volume One was intended to stoke the flames of inspiration, Volume Two is intended to burn the shit down. Raw and pissed, fast and furious. Like a pipe bomb ripping through a Neutral Milk Hotel concert. Or eating bean curd with mixed vegetables really fast. Notes: 1. The Dystopia track is a Rudimentary Peni cover. 2. Wolfpack is now known as Wolf Brigade, I've heard. 3. The Anthrax song is from the 80s English peace punk band, not the 80s metal band (not that there's anything wrong with the latter). 4. The Suppression track has one of the most amazing mosh riffs ever. Seriously. 5. The In/Humanity song is the version from the Vida-Life compilation ep, not the History Behind the Mystery lp. 6. Skitsystem had the guy from At the Gates doing vocals for a while, but I'm not sure if he's on this track.


Dibbick Schmibbick
Date: 10/1/2002
Man, this is crusty. This mix smells like the floor of Stalag 13.
Date: 10/1/2002
Yes, indeed. R.I.P Stalag 13. Philly shreds!
abigail dice
Date: 10/1/2002
yay for Anthrax! :) horrah. nice.
Date: 1/10/2003
This friggin rules. Citizen's Arrest! Deathside! Yea, I think i'll pull out some old records when I get home from work.