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The Phoenix Cycle (One Night)

Artist Song
Weezer  Jamie 
Tal Bachman  She's So High 
Less Than Jake  I Think I Love You 
Dashboard Confessional  The Sharp Hint of New Tears 
Green Day  Nice Guys Finish Last 
Hometown Hero  Eighteen 
The Ataris  San Dimas High School Football Rules 
Ben Lee  Deep Talk in the Shallow End 
Incubus  I Miss You 
Unwritten Law  Seein' Red 
Paul Lansky  Looking Back 
Something Corporate  I Woke Up In A Car 
Joe Cocker  With A Little Help From My Friends 
The Smoking Popes  Megan 


One night in the mind and heart of a shy, quiet man who makes the mistake of falling in love with his long-time best friend. He slowly, jubilantly comes to realize this fact. He runs to her to confess his feelings, only to find her love with someone else. He slips away into the night to try and make some sense of it all, bouncing between self-pity, jealousy, and anger, and finally falling asleep with tears welling in his eyes. But sadness can never last forever. The final three tracks are a coming to terms with reality, and an ultimate decision. For those who have a sixth sense about this sort of thing, yes, it is semi-autobiographical, and it happened in Phoenix, AZ, hence the title. Luckily, my story ended a bit better than this mix would have you think.


Date: 10/2/2002
wow. great mix, I know all the songs except the last, which is a little disappointing because my name is megan...but I love love love your mix.