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Artist Song
Eric Roberts/David Darling/Ed Contreras  The River Runs  
Lorrie Sarafin  Camelback Shadows  
Solo-G  Eternal Flame of Love  
Torben Th?ger  Primavera  
Lawrence Blatt  Jaune - Yellow (feat. Steve Schuch)  
GP Walsh  Emptiness Dances  
Mary-Kathryn  Dreamers  
Marc Enfroy  Always  
Kori Linae Carothers  Crystal Fields  
James Cahall  Against All Odds  
Martyrs of Sound  Ananda  
Bill Wren  Heart to Heart  
ThunderBeat  Sun Rise  
Patroux  Le R?veil du Magicien  
Kevin Wood  In Search of Kindred Spirits  
The Nexion-Project (aka T?r?k Zolt?n)  Red Candles  
Haiku  Eventide  
Dyan Garris  Song of Peace  
Sky  On Wings of Freedom  
Sean Mahnken  Loss  
Richard Shulman  For St. Francis 1  
Jeffrey Fisher  The Tree of Life  
Jens M?gge  Liebeslied (Lamento) / Love Song (Lamento)  
Raymond Powers  Wind Dreamer  
Larry Allen Brown  Music for the High Country  
Michele de Wilton  Hymn of the Hills  
Mike Wall  Inner Peace  
Denise Young  Green Mountain Meadows  
Marcom?  Meteora  
Paul Adams  Water Prayers  
David Hoffman  Evening Meditation  
Jenny Brice  The Only Thing That's Real Is Love  
SEAY  Orion's Gate  
Rocky Fretz  Will's Mountain  
Anne Trenning  Eden Hall  
Timothy Davey  I Have a Notion  
Vicki Logan  The Dance of the Sun  
Spencer Brewer  Ode for Patricia  
Stephen Peppos  Follow the Mist  
John Steiner  Midnight  
J S Kingfisher  At Night I Fly to Heaven (sometimes France)  
Timothy Cooper  East Wind  
Michele Ippolito  On Skylarks Wings  
Marshall Styler  Flight of the Great Blue (South Padre Island)  
Michael Hopp?  Verdiana Violin Version  
Dream Art Science  No Place (Song of Atum)  
Tajalli  Moonstar  
Paradiso  Waves of Light  
Suzanne Doucet  Celebration (excerpt from SHASTA - Sacred Mountain Vol. 1)  
Eduardo Laguillo  Gurudeva Hamara  
Gnomusy (David Caballero)  Footprints On the Sea  
Joaqu?n Taboada  Evoking Something Near  
Grundman  Tears At Bedtime  
Chuck Plaisance & Suzanne Doucet  Ocean Waves  


Compilation of NEW AGE MUSIC CIRCLE ARTISTS 2009 ( Magical, Mystical, Chill, Uplifting, Ambient, Meditative, Healing, Native, Sacred, Visionary, Melodic, Yoga, Modern, Chanting, Elecronic, Zen, Piano, Cinematic, Drumming, Space, Instrumentals, Vocals, New Thought, Spiritual, Transformational, Nature, Classical, Romantic, New jazz, New Acoustic, East West, Trance, Sufi, and World. Music to enlighten Your Life and Harmonize Your World!