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A Candy Valentine

Side A
Artist Song
Sarah McLauclan  Angel 
Mariah Carey  The Roof  
Celine Dion  The Reason 
Le Ann Rimes  How Do I Live 
Fiona Apple  Pale September  
Spice Girls  Two become One 
Celine Dion  When I need you 
Sheryl Crow  I shall believe  
Janet Jackson  Because of Love  
Sarah McLauclan  Ice Cream 
Bjork  Sensuality 
Side B
Savage Garden  Truely, Madly, Deeply 
Janet Jackson  I Get Lonely  
Celine Dion  Suducess Me 
Selena  Missing my Baby  
Toni Braxton  Come on over here  
Celine Dion  If that's what it takes 
Janet Jackson  The body that loves you  
Enya  On your shore  
Berlin  take my breath away  
Madonna  Like a virgin  
Jewel  I'm sensitive  


This is a good tape to show someone special how you feel about them. It has a lot of songs that deal with those feelings.