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Cassette | Theme - Cover Songs
Cassette | Theme - Cover Songs

Happy Coverween

Artist Song
Electric Hellfire Club  Halloween Medley 
New Duncan Imperials  Convoy 
Goldfinger  Rio 
Guns N Roses  Live and Let Die 
Sick of it All  Ripp Off 
Madball  Blind Justice 
Kill Your Idols  Banned From the Pubs 
Dropkick Murphys  Never Again 
Bouncing Souls  The Beginning of the End 
Business  Crucified 
Reel Big Fish  Hungry Like the Wolf 
Murphy's Law  Drinking and Driving 
Wax  Do You Wanna Dance 
Helmet  Symptom of the Universe 
H2O  Nazi Punks Fuck Off 
Pennywise  Surfin' USA 
Nine Inch Nails  Dead Souls 
Home Grown  Planet Earth 
Kill Your Idols  Work Together 
Madball  Violence in Our Mind 
Dropkick Murphys  Hey Little Rich Boy 
Bouncing Souls  We're Coming Back 
Sick of it All  Working Class Kids 
Nine Inch Richards  Closer (The Long Horn Version) 


...the 32nd volume of a series I call the Welfare Mixes...essentially it's singles off albums I won't buy or singles off albums I already own but only want to hear a specific song or two...this is one I threw together with stuff my friend was saving for a mix of his's also some leftovers from a previous mix that had way too much on it...this being October I figured I'd make use of the Halloween Medley and be festive...though that's the only one of it's kind on here, the rest as I said are randomly selected...