a gay old time

Artist Song
jackie robinson  let the little girl dance 
kid loco ft. tim keegan (from departure lounge)  if it's monday morning 
the magnetic fields  grand canyon 
abba  ring ring 
the breeders  son of three 
16 horsepower  hutterite mile 
frank black and the catholics  the black rider (1st version) 
radio 4  save your city 
kleenex-LiLiPUT  turk 
sleater-kinney  leave you behind 
the vehicle flips  florence scene report 
the 6ths ft. sarah cracknell  kissing things 


this is one of my favourites of all the mixes i ever made. unfortunately i forgot to include it in the package i mailed to the person who was supposed to be getting it.... ah, well.
image for mix


Date: 10/18/2002
i should have said. the picture is from one of the rhode island mr potato heads. you know, buffalo had the buffalos and washington has the donkeys and new york and houston did the cows? well, rhode island did mr potato heads a few years ago (which is dead clever, if you ask me) but most of them got taken down after people protested about this one being racist. there's only a couple left now.
Cub Rodriguez
Date: 10/18/2002
People suck but the picture and the mix are great.
Date: 10/18/2002
Looks super duper! Yes, people really do suck.