something for the longing

Artist Song
the glands  when i laugh 
drip  holden 
ben kweller  sha sha 
reindeer section  cartwheels 
superchunk  pink clouds 
damien jurado  letters and drawings 
built to spill  the weather 
elf power  the arrow flies close 
mekons  chivalry 
jonathon richman and the modern lovers  road runner 
gerbils  crayon box 
lures  when i was broken 
alex chilton  oogum boogum 
olivia tremor control  fireplace 
kleenex girl wonder  the nearest future 
flamin' groovies  you tore me down 
guster  fa fa 
dinosaur jr.  feel the pain 
the orchids  something for the longing 



Date: 10/18/2002
Some really great choices on this mix...that Elf Power track blows me away...
Date: 10/19/2002
it's staggering how much i adore so many of these tracks. so, so very nice.
W. Josh Bentley
Date: 10/29/2002
Beautiful stuff - now I'll have that Drip song in my head all day...