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Love Incognito IV: I Want to Press Me Into You

Artist Song
Coldplay  Yellow (Alpha Remix) 
Morcheeba  The Sea 
White Stripes  I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself 
DJ Dado  Twin Peaks Theme 
Talvin Singh  See Breeze 
Future Sound of London  Cascade 
Bjork  Human Behavior (The Underworld Mix) 
Lamb  Feela 
Paul Giovanni  Willow's Song 
Smashing Pumpkins  Hello Kitty Kat 
Swandive  Demunication 
Lou Reed  Romeo Had Juliette 
Yo La Tengo  You Can have It All 
Kruder & Dorfmeister  High Noon 
Tangerine Dream  Summer in Shauxi 


I made this for my fiance`. Times have been really trying as of late, and I made this to cheer both of us up.