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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

It's Too Late to Cut the Grass

Side A
Artist Song
Blackalicious  Make You Feel This Way 
Galaxie 500  Blue Thunder (w/ sax) 
The Fall  Disney's Dream Debased 
Royal Trux  Back to School 
Yo La Tengo  Autumn Sweater 
Neil Young  Harvest Moon 
Van Morrison  Beside You 
Bob Dylan  Blue Moon 
The Tindersticks  City Sickness 
Glenn Campbell  Where's the Playground Susie? 
Nick Cave  The Carnival is Over 
Side B
Wilco  Ashes of American Flags 
Beth Orton  Concrete Sky 
R.E.M.  Perfect Circle 
The Teardrop Explodes  Tiny Children 
Opal  All Souls 
The Velvet Underground  Hey Mr. Rain 
Can  Oh Yeah 
The Warlocks  Whips of Mercy 
Suede  The Wild Ones 
The Replacements  Here Comes a Regular 


Ah, Autumn. My favorite season. Every year I find myself compelled to make a tape to accompany such traditional fall activities as walking around, wearing scarves and watching things change color and fall down (mostly leaves, occasionally drunk overfed compatriots). This, apparently, is this year's edition. I was more concerned with musical feel than lyrical themes, hence the presence of songs that aren't in any way about Autumn. Nonetheless, there does seem to be a certain amount of lyrical cohesion and a flow throughout, from late summer at the start of the tape to the onset of winter at the end. Enjoy. Now if you don't mind I've got to put on a scarf and go out for a walk.


Date: 10/21/2002
i thought i remembered you posting a similar themed mix last year around this time, but it seems i am mistaken. this is fantastic and i especially applaud the Galaxie 500 selection...
Rob Conroy
Date: 10/21/2002
Always great to see a mix from you. This is no exception--nice stuff, esp the Glen Campbell pick.
Date: 10/21/2002
Ah yes, Brandt you are correct. I forgot to mention last year's fall tape in my notes. It was called "I Wanna Die in the Same Place I Was Born."
Date: 10/22/2002
ahh, nice stuff. around these parts, though, we're getting ready for bathing suit (or 'bathers' as the aussies - that's 'auzzies', not 'ossies' as some yanks call them!) season, and i can't wait. better keep doing those exercises, though...
Date: 10/22/2002
nice! enjoy this autumn!