words become a sentence when you add nouns and verbs.

Artist Song
the tune weavers  happy birthday, baby 
tattle tale  glass vase cello case 
built to spill  reasons 
beulah  popular mechanics for lovers 
magnetic fields  smoke signals 
elliott smith  coming up roses 
mercury rev  sudden ray of hope 
the ramones   i don't want to grow up 
quasi  it's raining 
neutral milk hotel  the aeroplane over the sea 
comet gain  say yes 
stephen malkmus  phantasies 
promise ring  stop playing guitar 
the innocence mission  notebook 
ida   this little light of mine 
velvet underground  oh sweet nothing 
sleater-kinney  lions and tigers 
elliott smith  say yes 
yo la tengo  my little corner of the world 
pinback   loro 
joey ramone  what a wonderful world 
built to spill  imagine (nyc, 092201) 


why, yes, of course the image was lifted from exploding dog.
image for mix


Date: 10/21/2002
nice job! i like
the yo la tengo and magnetic fields songs, especially.
Date: 10/21/2002
another fabulous mix, gnomie. very very nice.
Date: 11/2/2002
goddamn, is that the best s-k song or what? i honestly question why it is not on one beat. this is so lovely, by the way.
Date: 11/2/2002
looking at this more closely (yes, i am a spaz), this fucking ROCKS.