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The problem with sex is that no one fucks personality

Artist Song
Pink Floyd  Wish You Were Here 
Radiohead  Kid A 
Flaming lips  the spark that bled 
Led Zeppelin  I'm Gonna Crawl 
R.E.M.  Star Me Kitten 
Joni Mitchel  Blue 
Smashing Pumpkins  Glynis 
Yo La Tengo  Moby Octopad 
The Pixies  Gigantic 
Green Day  No One Knows 
Sunny Day Real Estate  sometimes 
Alkaline Trio  Radio 
Pavement  Zurich Is Stained 
Ben Harper  two hands of prayer 
Nick Drake  Pink Moon 
Doors  ghost song 
Jeff Buckley  Kanga Roo (live) 


It's starting to get cold again outside, and its starting to make me think about the autumn of my senior year of high school and the guy who i felt was my only real friend at the time. It seemed that no one ever wanted to do anything after school, yet somehow the two of us were never busy and always just ended up sitting around talking about how life sucked (the title is a paraphrased quote from one of our many conversations on the subject). We always seemed to end up outside near a body of water, pack of cigarettes in hand, and despite how cold or late it would get, it seemed we preferred to feel miserable as long as we could talk about it with each other. Its only been a couple years since, but it seems like forever ago.... and i'm now realizing how much i miss it. Still one of the best friends i'll ever have, he and i rarely take the time anymore to be as honest with each other like we had. Anyways.... these tunes mostly all remind me specifically of that time or around then and many specific intances. Many of these artists i was just getting into, so this is the kind of mix i would have made back then, not necessarily now...
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Date: 10/23/2002
some people fuck personally. me for instance, boy is it personal. it's so personal the word "fuck" doesn't even exist in my sex lexicon. a better expression is "putting the dick to"...anyway, sweet mix mr. rob roy.
Date: 10/23/2002
i see what you mean, that really does sound better. but, i think the original conversation went something like this: 'so everyone thinks i should go out with this unattracive girl'... 'well, what's she like?'... 'oh she's cool, incredibly nice, interested in a lot of the same things as me; you know, a good friend type, great personality'.... 'so what's so wrong with that?'.... 'nothing, but dude, i can't fuck her personality'
Date: 10/28/2002
ha, that's what i get for not knowing how to read. p.s. i've had quite a few conversations like that actually. yup. it's so so true.