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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Theme - Road Trip

You Know, Instead of Flowers

Artist Song
311  Jackolantern's Weather 
Over It  Nothing Serious 
River City High  I'll Make It Up to You 
Hot Rod Circuit  The Pharmacist 
The Stryder  Eleven Eleven 
Cadillac Blindside  At Wits End 
Hey Mercedes  A-List Actress 
Jimmy Eat World  No Sensitivity 
The Starting Line  I'm Real (J Lo. cover) 
Over It  Fall 
Park  The Ghost You Are 
Reggie & the Full Effect  Girl, Why'd You Run Away? 
Blur  Song 2 
Unwritten Law  Blame It on Me 
Recover  The Feel is Gone 
The Movielife  Pinky Swear 
The June Spirit  New Jersey in my Rearview 
At the Drive-In  One Armed Scissor 
Saves the Day  Jodie 
The Contingency Plan  The Last of my Letters 
The Early November  I Want to Hear You Sad 


Unfortunately, there's plenty of repeats from my past mixes, but that's because this is my first mix for Jonny, the magician. "The Post-Production-Congratulatory Mix" that I gave him "instead of flowers" after the show.
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