(handing it to her i look at her and smile) "just some songs" (she smiles back)

Artist Song
Dashboard Confessional  This Old Wound 
Damien Jurado  Halo Friendly 
New Found Glory  Eyesore (Acoustic) 
Boxcar Racer  There Is 
Dashboard Confessional  As Lovers Go 
American Football  The One With the Wurlitzer 


A mix made to give to her Thursday at the Dashboard show. Shortest mix I've ever made but thought it would make perhaps more of an impact. (Even though I don't even know if that's what I'm going for)
Track 1: "But everytime you're gone...I wish that you'd come back"
Track 2: "Standing at the top of the moon...longing to be with you...if only you had wings...i'm halo friendly"
Track 3: Our memories
Track 4: "Do you care if I don't know what to say...
there will be a hidden message about..."
Track 5: "You've got wits you've got looks you've got passion but are you brave enough to leave with me tonight?"
Track 6: Think of me.
To be listened to at night...when its quiet.

What do you think? More songs? No more? Make sense? Too obvious? The problem is...I don't know why I'm giving it to her...but oh well...I enjoy listening to it.


Something Different
Date: 10/30/2002
I like it.
Date: 11/14/2002
that's the sweetest title ever (and I like your mixes, too).