i love you. . .but i still fucking hate valentine's day.

Side A
Artist Song
shonen knife  top of the world 
notchoma  i need your love 
lou reed  perfect day 
cadallaca  you're my only one 
the cure  friday i'm in love 
??  "so fucking real" 
geggy tah  go where you go 
katharine whalen's jazz squad  'deed i do 
longstocking  teenage angst at 27 
the buzzcocks  love you more 
julie ruin  stay monkey 
peter gabriel  in your eyes 
Side B
nirvana  heart-shaped box 
nora dean  barbwire 
the cranberries  dreams 
rancid  who would've thought? 
k's choice  winners 
the smiths  there is a light that never goes out 
bratmobile  punk rock dream come true 
the essex  a walkin' miracle 
the mr. t experience  two of us 
bikini kill  for tammy rae 
u.s. bombs  so in fuck with you 
ani difranco  imperfectly 


this is a tape i made for my boyfriend as a valentine's day present, partly just 'cos, and partly 'cos the last tape i made him ("the words that i want to say") broke over xmas break. i think the title of this tape is pretty much self-explanatory.


root beer geek
Date: 5/13/2002
i would die if someone made me a tape like this. you rule.
erase rewind
Date: 2/15/2017
hey, it's valentine's day, and i am just now rediscovering this! you rule!