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no relief (the sexual frustration mix)

Side A
Artist Song
ben kweller  wasted and ready 
placebo  every you every me 
gin blossoms  hey jealousy 
elvis costello  (i don't want to go to) chelsea 
smashing pumpkins  love 
jimmy eat world  get it faster 
the white stripes  the union forever 
deathcab for cutie  photobooth 
david bowie  it ain't easy 
jump, little children  body parts 
jeff buckley  nightmares by the sea 
harvey danger  underground 
Side B
athenaeum  sweeter love 
jeff buckley  i know we could be so happy, baby (if we wanted to be) 
verve pipe  reverend girl 
stone temple pilots  lounge fly 
rufus wainwright  a bit of you 
deathcab for cutie  we laugh indoors 
smashing pumpkins  marquis in spades 
grant lee buffalo  truly, truly 
foo fighters  everlong 
placebo  scared of girls 
smashing pumpkins  set the ray to jerry 


some of these choices may seem odd, but i have my reasons. i'm still refining it, actually. hurumph.


abigail dice1
Date: 11/9/2002
ooooh! this is so not odd. this is lovely. and it makes total sense. I LOVE they jump, little children song. trust me, I know what your going through. hmmmph.
Emily Stein1
Date: 11/9/2002
Oh, how this rocks. Very nice Gin Blossoms pick--and Rufus Wainwright, Ben Kweller, etc.--but I'm going to have to agree with Abigail in giving the grand prize to the Jump, Little Children song. How appropriate. :)
Date: 11/9/2002
this mix has sexual frustration written all over it.
Date: 11/22/2002
I know what this is like- especially since in my case I had a boyfriend for a good four month clip, and thus the breakup has been saddly more torturous to my sex drive than anything.