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glamour of you mix

Side A
Artist Song
the cure  lovesong  
depeche mode  home  
depeche mode  enjoy the silence  
the cure  just like heaven  
the cure  close to me  
u2  with or without you  
u2  for the first time 
depeche mode  waiting for the night  
the cure  friday i'm in love  
curve  recovery  
curve  unreadable communication 
james iha  one and two 
smashing pumpkins  porcelina of the vast oceans  
smashing pumpkins  by starlight  
smashing pumpkins  bodies  
smashing pumpkins  beautiful  
Side B
tori amos  putting the damage on  
tori amos  horses  
smashing pumpkins  set the ray to jerry  
nine inch nails  something i can never have  
smashing pumpkins  eye  
depeche mode  it's no good  
smashing pumpkins  rotten apples  
garbage  milk  
smashing pumpkins  luna  
smashing pumpkins  the boy  
smashing pumpkins  rhinocerous  
smashing pumpkins  cupide de locke 
the cure  why can't i be you?  
the cure  mint car  
garbage  #1 crush 
the cars  your all i've got tonight 


these are the most lovely and romantic song i have heard and felt! if i miss/love someone i listen to them!


Erin H.
Date: 2/19/2001
Wow. This is a great tape!
Date: 1/30/2006
i love it! especially the cure songs, have you heard "treasure" or "there is no if..."? those two and "mint car" are my own private classics, oh and let's not forget "why cant i be you"... makes me go crazy!