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The Last Time It Would Ever Work

Artist Song
The Black Heart Procession  Tropics of Love 
Calexico  The Black Light 
Rachel's  An Evening of Long Goodbye 
The (International) Noise Conspiracy  Body Treatise 
Cat Power  American Flag 
Tortoise  Firefly 
Will Oldham  New Partner 
Dr. John  I Walk on Guilded Splinters 
Interpol  NYC 
Yo La Tengo  The Love Life of an Octopus 
Morphine  Miles Davis' Funeral 
Bjork  It's Oh So Quiet 


there's a certain mood to this one... probably one of the first times i've really not tried to just fill up all 80 mins of the cd, rather than sticking with only the songs i felt really belonged, to keep things focused... i often wonder if anyone could ever be able to tell how a mix really sounds or how well it flows, etc. just by looking at song titles... although, maybe this one isn't all that tough to figure out