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Sounds from the Circle II - 2010

Artist Song
Homeless Balloon  Harmony  
Kathy Raimey  Quiet Rain  
Don Slepian  Nightwatch  
Fiona Joy Hawkins  The Void  
Lia Scallon  Lullaby of Love  
Lawrence Blatt  Alhambra - the Red (feat. Steve Schuch)  
Narayan & Janet  Walkin' In the Bliss  
Michael Diamond & Pete Sears  Indigo Moon  
Gnomusy (David Caballero)  Ballerina  
Johann Kotze  New Beginnings Part 2  
Michele de Wilton  Lady of Shalott  
Merrill Collins, Charles Moselle, Yvon Chausseblanche  Near a Mountain Stream  
Anne Trenning  You And Me  
Kevin Kula  Spirit of Utah  
Cadence Spalding  Save the World  
Michael Hopp?  Bella (for Bette)  
GP Walsh  Satyavati  
John Luttrell  Journey to Farpoint  
Aum Orchestra  Aum  
Jane Winther  Om Mani Padme Hum 2  
Merlino & TAKAHIRO  The Calm See  
Natascha Wilczek  Khoo Yaa Daa: Aramaic Healing Prayer  
Tajalli  Awakening  
Chuck Plaisance & Suzanne Doucet  Bubbling Creek  
Paradiso  Grounding Roots  
Doucet & Miraz  In Dreaming  
Ray  Spaceship Earth  


MP3 compilation of artists from the New Age Music Circle! The New Age Music Circle is a social network of creators, supporters and lovers of New Age Music. This is our second MP3 compilation imix on iTunes. The music is magical, mystical, Chill, Uplifting, Ambient, Meditative, Romantic, and World!Please check also the Sounds From The Circle imix we published in 2009. For more information please join the New age Music Circle: