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The Best Of: CATHERINE WHEEL: volume 2 (acoustic and more)

Artist Song
CW  crank 
CW  judy's staring at the sun (with Tanya Donelly) 
CW  that's when i reach for my revolver 
CW  chrome 
CW  flower to hide 
CW  i confess 
CW  strangefruit 
CW  texture 
CW  phantom of the american mother (live acoustic) 
CW  heal 
CW  the nude (live acoustic) 
CW  shocking (live acoustic) 
CW  shallow (live acoustic) 
CW  texture (live acoustic) 
CW  show me mary (live XFM session) 
CW  dont want to know if you are lonely (live acoustic) 
CW  let me down again (live acoustic) 
CW  30th century man (walker brothers) 


See, CW are a band that sound amazing live, and acoustic.. its amazing to hear the texture (no pun) on the CD and then to hear JUST as good of a song acoustic, ya know. This mix is WORTH IT simply for this version of PHANTOM OF THE AMERICAN MOTHER.. sends chills all through my brain... :)


Date: 11/13/2002
never really got into CW, but they were produced by Tim Friese-Greene so fairplay to 'em. the pedant in me is desperate to point out that '30th century man' is on 'scott 3', by scott walker. anyway if you want to trade have a look at my list.
Shoegazing Dave
Date: 11/13/2002
Ya know, i hear alot of people that never get into CW... i suppose it's like any other band.. some people dig em and some people dont. But to, a band comes along like CW that just shakes my psyche... it makes my earth quiver :)
Date: 4/18/2003
Who do you have to sleep with to get
the "JSATS" with the
Tanya Donnely-sung verses?