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Artist Song
Ulrich Schnauss  Wherever You Are 
M. Hatori  Night Light 
Alpha  Sometime Later 
Severed Heads  Mambo Fist Miasma 
The Beatles  Because 
Herman & Kleine  Dagger 
Delarosa & Asora  Agony, Track 1 
Komeit  When the Sun Hits 
Tortoise  CTA 
Jello  Voila, Track 3 
Icebreaker/Manuel  Into Forever 
New Order  Your Silent Face 
Future 3  Stuff 
Radiohead  Pyramid Song 
Bjork  Unison 
Cibbo Matto  Sunday, part 2 
Boards of Canada  Geodaddi, Track 18 


Zhen De Recordings #1
This one is kinda mellow and washed out. Listen to it alot while I am lost in Chinese flashcards and in my headphones while I walk the streets of Beijing. It has a very autumn feel.
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g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 11/17/2002
hey there, Beijing Bob reaches out from across the globe...very nice ! What is your music source ? (I know you didn't take yr collection with you)
Date: 11/17/2002
Love the cover art! The mix looks good, too, although there's some stuff I don't recognize. Have you heard Miho Hatori singing on the track with The 6ths?
Adobe Sound Lab
Date: 11/17/2002
Nice mix! Want to trade?
Date: 11/17/2002
Date: 11/18/2002
Loverly. Good to see you're back (from Beijing).
Junior D
Date: 11/18/2002
Hey All,
Thanks for the comments. A few replys...
GAB, I brought 280 cds with me here, without music I would go mental. Adobe, thanks for the suggestion, just think that trading from China is a bit too much trouble for me now, but when i get back in August 2003, for sure. Thomas, thanks, but still in Beijing, here for a year. Love it/hate it, depending on the minute. Take care all.
Date: 11/18/2002
this is great, as always, Mr D. hey, we don't have to trade, but the AotMers could always post you stuff, right?