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For My Mush On Her 19th

Artist Song
beatles  birthday 
the cure  the 13th 
u2  in a little while 
buddy holly  words of love 
coldplay  warning sign 
avril lavigne  naked 
pearl jam  smile 
bright eyes  waste of paint 
green day  2,000 light years away 
starting line  best of me 
rocking horse winner  miss you 
phantom planet  always on my mind 
the get up kids  as high as the moon 
michelle branch  drop in the ocean 
the smiths  i won't share you 
red hot chili peppers  i could die for you 
elvis costello  little triggers 
pixies  la la love you 
eric clapton  wonderful tonite 
billy joel  she's always a woman 


heather mix 9... a birthday mix... my baby's growing up so fast... oh lordy... french fry
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Date: 11/17/2002
y'all are so cute together it's killing me.