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The Right to be Loud

Artist Song
Slip Knot  Wait and Bleed (Terry date mix) 
Deftones  My own Summer 
Quicksand  Dine Alone 
Paint  Soul Coughing 
Tool  Jerk-Off 
Spiders  System of a Down 
Faith no More  Be Agressive 
Kittie  Brackish 
Rammstien  Engel 
Tool   Sober 
Misfits  Hatebreeders 
Helmet  Unsung 
Slip Knot  Eye Less 
Suicidal Tendancy  I saw your mommy 
Clutch  Milk of Human kindness 
Rage Against the Machine  Sleep now in the Fire 
Pantera  Fucking Hostile 
Rob Zombie  Living Dead Girl 
Hatebreed  Healing to Suffer Again 
Tom Waits  The Earth Died Screaming 


This was suppose to be a free form mix but no it wouldnt let me. So now we have a rock out mix with a few disjointed songs that seem to syncopate things quite nicely.


Date: 11/18/2002
Your heart seems to be in the right place (thumbs up on the Tom Waits), but I just can't forgive the Slipknot inclusion. D-
Date: 11/19/2002
haha well a little explination on the slipknot stuff the first one is the reason I bought the CD and its a great rock out song and the second has a jungle beat used and the person is a jungle fan so i threw it on cause she wanted it. but for my modern screamers i prefer Kittie