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sketch for "you will learn to love me (so please come back)" - i need some help with this!

Side A
Artist Song
the beatles  i've just seen a face 
the cure  mint car 
big star  i'm in love with a girl 
marcy playground  all the lights went out 
liz phair  shatter 
elliott smith  pitseleh 
the nields  i'm so lonesome i could cry 
trembling blue stars  sometimes i still feel the bruise 
Side B
wilco  how to fight loneliness 
ben lee  how to survive a broken heart 
john mayer  man on the side 
wilco  i'm the man who loves you 
bright eyes  you will. you? will. you? will. 
jay clifford  holy city 
wilco  forget the flowers 
nick drake  which will 


this is a mix i just started working on; it's nowhere near complete--I NEED HELP. it's my first attempt at telling a story, and i want it to have a sort of weird-pop/folk/alt-country feel (hence all the wilco). the songs aren't in any real order, they're just ideas i have so far. but the story is: girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, boy falls for girl, boy kisses girl, girl falls too hard, boy gets scared & breaks it off, girl cries, they try to be friends (but it hurts), girl wants boy back (it fails), girl tries to forget boy (it fails), boy stops calling (seems to have forgotten girl), girl tries to reach boy, it is uncertain if and how things will resolve. and in case you're wondering yes it is autobiographical. could you help me out with suggestions for songs, please?


Date: 11/19/2002
why "i fall to pieces" by patsy cline has not been considered, i can not say...doesn't that fit the "girl falls too hard" portion of the program? also, how about "my broken heart" by tiger trap? this mix is also screaming "operator" by jim croce...just some suggestions.
mad girl's love song
Date: 11/19/2002
skeeter davis's "the end of the world" seems like it would fit here.
Date: 11/19/2002
Sinead O'Connor.."Troy"
Date: 11/20/2002
try jewel's "break me"
Date: 5/16/2005
Try Sarah McLachlan - "I Love You"...It's not super folky, but it's a must-have on any unrequited love mix.