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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme - Alternating DJ

the song that...

Side A
Artist Song
jeff buckley  lover you should've come over 
sublime  ebin 
rufus wainwright  hallelujah 
mc paul barman  housemate troubles 
ramones  sheena is a punk rocker 
iggy pop  lust for life 
pixies  la la love you 
pixies  hey 
pixies  all songs on doolittle/surfer rosa 
elvis presley  that's all right, mama 
refused  summerholiday v. punkroutine 
buzzcocks  what do i get? 
sifl and olly  united states of whatever 
elvis costello  beyond belief 
marvin gaye  heard it through the grapevine 
folk implosion  blossom (7" version) 
god lives underwater  from your mouth 
built to spill  twin falls 
kinks  nothin in this world can stop me worryin' bout that girl 
michael jackson  don't stop til you get enough 
paul simon  song about the moon 
four tet  everything is alright 
finley quaye  sunday shining 
faint  worked up so sexual 
beatles  within you, without you 
police  message in a bottle 
Side B
(reminds you of an ex-lover)   
(reminds you of an ex-friend)   
(makes you cry)   
(makes you laugh)   
(makes you wanna dance)   
(makes you want to run and jump)   
(makes you think about the one you want)   
(makes you think about the one you love)   
(you wish you wrote)   
(you want to get married to)  (so paul can be elvis) 
(makes you wanna mosh)   
(helps you vent your frustration)   
(sums up your teenage years)   
(you like to wake up to)   
(you love from your parents collection)   
(you love but wouldn't know about if it wasn't for a friend)   
(you love the video more than the song)   
(reminds you of your first crush)   
(you love from your favorite movie)   
(you love to hear at clubs)   
(makes you think of the moon)   
(makes you think of the stars)   
(makes you think of the sun)   
(makes you think of sex)   
(makes you think about death)   
(makes you think of being alone)   


these are mine. woo.


Yay for "The song that...!" A rquirement of any regular poster here, of course... I love your "first crush" pick... makes me with I'd thought of it.
Date: 11/19/2002
this is excellent.
Date: 4/29/2003
god this mix rocks! id love to trade ya! email me!