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Watch Our Breath Ascend

Artist Song
Adrian's Father  Jamie 
The Epileptic Dream  Sleep of the Black Rocket 
King of Spades  thornsandlullabies 
Cera Barrett  Idioteque (Radiohead Cover) 
Devlin Ulrich  C9H13N 
Imute (f/Dingo)  Adina the dirty city  Cellar Door 
Radio Snippet of Seth Wright  "Siamese Twins Watching their Breath Ascend in a Forest..." 
Mike Griffin  Fogging the Streets 
The Kiplings  Positive 
rebel alliance of inmates  Gehenna 
The Misguided Lemming  What's Your Major 
Dead Opera Motorcrash  6/21 


CSR is one of the most unappreciated, thematic labels in existence. They are (were?) to the newly popularized "lo-fi garage rock" aesthetic what the Elephant 6 were to the 60's psychedelic pop sound. This is a comprehensive collection of their best output (to my knowledge). Really rare and essential stuff here, guys.