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songs in the key of...Exes

Side A
Artist Song
David Bowie  Dance Magic 
Devo  Whip It 
Pillar  For Him 
Offspring  Heaven is So Far Away 
Some Fucking Trance Shit  Starchild 
Alanis Morrisette  Head Over Feet 
Wild Orchard  Supernatural (Some Remix) 
Police  Everything Little Thing She Does is Magic 
Jimmy Eat World  Praise Chorus 
Who's Your Daddy?  Grumpy Old Man 
No Doubt  total hate '95 
Sublime  Reef? 
Beastie Boys  The New Style 
Garbage  End of the Road 
Side B
David Bowie  Dance Magic 
David Bowie  Dance Magic AGAIN, Hell Yeah! 
Ultimate Fakebook  Soaked in Cinnamin 
Fugazi  Do You Like Me 
Vines  I'm Only Sleeping 
Great Big Sea  I'se the B'y 
Guster  It's Cold Outside 
Jump Little Children  Cathedrals 
manic Street Preachers  Miss Europa Disco Dancer 
PLacebo  Waiting for the Sun of Man 
Saves the Day  Sell my clothes, i'm off to heaven 
The Anniversary  D in Detroit 
The Shins  We Built a Raft 
Unkle feat. Ian Brown  Be There 
R.E.M.  You are the Everything 


'sediments" lost and gone forever


Date: 11/23/2002
That's a lot of Dance Magic! Nice use of the Manics track, too.
Date: 11/23/2002
thanks. i heart that manics song. it makes my spine shiver.