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Project A, on-air 11-23-02

Side A
Artist Song
Clem Snide  Messiah Complex Blues 
Sonic Youth   Androgynous Mind 
Buzzcocks  Orgasm Addict 
AMFM  Gone in Three 
Joni Mitchell   This Flight Tonight 
Sean and Ian   After Work Asleep on the Couch 
Q And Not U   Soft Pyramids 
Sleater-Kinney   Male Model 
Sex Pistols  Black Arabs 
Camper Van Beethoven   The Ledge 
Joshua Csehak   Twilight 
Destroyer  Trembling Peacocks 
Nico  Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams 
Text  Sound Is Compressed; Words Rebel and Hiss 
Black Uhuru   Young School Girl 
Lee 'Scratch' Perry   Can't Control the African (angry mix) 
Israel Vibration   Love Is All You Need 
Ralph Stanley   Lift Him Up, That's All 
The Appleseed Cast  E to W 
Sigur Ros   Vidrar Vel Til Loftßrßsa 
The Silver Apples  Again 
Les Sans Culottes   Ecole de Merde 
Side B
Ted Leo/Pharmacists   Biomusicology 
The Microphones  I'm a Pearl Diver 
Badly Drawn Boy   Born Again 
Gomez  Whippin' Piccadilly 
Royksopp  Eple 
Ramones  Judy Is a Punk 
Johnny Socko   Mix Tape 
Fugazi   Five Corporations 
Nirvana  Even in His Youth 
Mike Patton  Six Pack 
Brainwash Projects   Goodtime Hotel 
Aimee Mann   How Am I Different? 
Clem Snide   Donna 
Shawn Pittman   It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry 
Crime In Choir   Come Here, Raider 
The Moldy Peaches  Who's Got the Crack 
Rufus Wainwright   Cigarettes and Chocolate 
Shearwater  12:09 
The Flaming Lips  Brainville 
Whiskeytown   16 Days 
Wilco   War On War 



Destroyer, AM/FM, Royksopp... good picks.
Date: 11/25/2002
so i just picked up the new sigur ros album.. anyone know the reack listings because they arnt on there. this is just a wonderful mix
it makes me kinda sad though. in a good way
Date: 11/26/2002
what an album, eh?this is from the band's website: track 1 - vaka (the name of orri's daughter)
track 2 - fyrsta (the first song)
track 3 - samskeyti (attachment)
track 4 - nj=snavTlin (the spy machine)
track 5 - ßlafoss (the location of the band's studio)
track 6 - e-bow [georg uses an e-bow on his bass in this song]
track 7 - daudalagid (the death song)
track 8 - popplagid (the pop song)