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You're a boomerang, you'll see...you will return to me

Artist Song
Bright Eyes  You Will... 
Mundy   Gin and Tonic Sky 
Bob Dylan  Shelter From the Storm 
Old 97's  Designs on You 
Ryan Adams  La Cienega Just Smiled 
Pavement  You Are A Light 
Secret Stars  Back in the Car 
Mazzy Star  Be My Angel 
Bright Eyes  Laura Laurent 
Weezer  No One Else (acoustic) 
Interpol  NYC 
Jeff Buckley  Hallelujah 
Mazzy Star  Look on Down From the Bridge 
Natalie Merchant  My Skin 
Peter Gabriel  Here Comes the Flood 
Ryan Adams  Sylvia Plath 


I make a lot of mixes, and this one is my favorite so far...it tends to bring you down a few notches, but I don't know if I'd actually call it depressing. Title is from the first track.