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the cover mix., its not perfect

Side A
Artist Song
jawbox  corn flake girl ( tori) 
tori amos  purple rain ( prince) 
prince   nothing compairs to you (sinead o'connor) 
sinead o'connor  all apolges (nirvana) 
nirvana  the end ( the doors) 
the doors  paint it black ( stones) 
roling stones  )like a rolling stone( dylan) 
bob dylan   creep (radiohead) 
radiohead  wonderwall (oasis) 
oasis  hide your love away (beatles) 
Side B
dave matthews band   long black veil (johnny cash) 
johnny cash   one (u2) 
u2  i remember you (ramones) 
ramones  we dont need no education ( pink floyd) 
pink floyd  knocingo heavens door (dylan) 
bob dylan  halejuha ( leonard cohen) 
leonard cohen  i cant forget ( the pixies, i think he wrote it. dont hate me ) 
the pixies  winterlong (neil young) 
neil young  imagine ( john lennon) 


ths took me forever and i know it sucks but my ead hurts and i need sleep now ha ha. there are some amazing cover songs i didnt put on here.. but the ones on here are awesome. this is like my child so dont be too mean.
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Date: 11/26/2002
Good deal, but what happened between Tori -> Sinead and Beatles -> DMB? And out of curiosity, where'd you find Nirvana doing that Doors track? I'm guessing it's a bootleg, but I've never heard it.
Date: 11/27/2002
It's Tori -> Prince -> Sinead. And Side Two allows for a fresh start. And I think that's brilliant ending both sides with the Beatles, the most covered band of all time.

Interesting idea. I like it.
Mike Pike Set
Date: 11/27/2002
Bob Dylan doing Radiohead's creep?!?!?!, Hmmm...Where & when?
Date: 11/27/2002
I love it, but Prince doing "Nothing Compares 2 U" shouldn't count, because he wrote it. Fantastic idea!