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The Unholy Alliance: Foundations of Heavy Metal in the Late 60s and Early 70s

Side A
Artist Song
Sir Lord Baltimore  Helium Head (1970) 
Budgie  Crash Course in Brain Surgery (1971) 
The Human Beast  Reality Presented as an Alternative (1970) 
Bubble Puppy  Hot Smoke and Sassafrass (1969) 
Demian  Face the Crowd (1971) 
KISS  Parasite (1974) 
Blue Oyster Cult  Hot Rails to Hell (1975) 
Iron Maiden   Falling (1969) 
Lincoln Street Exit  Time has Come, Gonna Die (1969) 
Sorcery  Snowshit (1978) 
Side B
Iron Butterfly  Iron Butterfly Theme (1968) 
Icecross  Nightmare (1973) 
Warlord  To the Devil a Daughter (1974) 
Bodkin  Plastic Man (1972) 
Bang  The Queen (1970) 
Iron Claw  Claustophobia (1970) 
Dust  From a Dry Camel (1971) 
Flower Travelling Band  Black Sabbath (1970) 


This compilation reflects the merging of three previous compilations, plus some material I've recently acquired. The goal, of course, is to bring to light some of the lesser-known hard/downer rock bands from the late 60s and early 70s. The Unholy Alliance refers to the early foundations of what we now call heavy metal, when the disillusionment and counterculture of the hippies and the reckless abandonment and hostility of the bikers came crashing together in the working class slums of England. And music would never be the same... NOTES: 1) Okay, so KISS and B.O.C aren't exactly "lesser-known," but these tracks fucking rock. 2) The Budgie track was later covered by Metallica on the Garage Days Re-visited $5.98 ep. 3) Bubble Puppy is pre-Demian. The name of this Texas band was changed to skirt contract obligations, I believe. 4) Demian is post-Bubble Puppy. The track is definitely more upbeat and less dark than the other material on this compilation, and less psychedelic than the Bubble Puppy material. 5) The Iron Maiden track is from the late 60s doom band (post-Bum), not the late 70s NWOBHM one we all know and love. 6) Sorcery really came out a bit late (1978) to be put on this tape, but the riffage at the beginning of the song shreds. I'm surprised Metallica never covered them. 7) Icecross were an Icelandic prog-influenced downer rock band. Gloomy, yet very unique. 8) I still have trouble believing that the Iron Claw track came out in 1970. Fucking brutal. 9) Believe it or not, Dust had Marky Ramone on drums. 10) The Flower Travelling Band track is a reworking of the classic, as seen by this Japanese, psych-influenced group. They slow it down and actually manage to make it sound a bit more psychotic than the original. Haunting, to say the least. 11) Sadly, there's only so much space on a 90-minute cassette. Other notables from the time period include: Pentagram, Macabre, Warpig, Necromandus, the Frost, Leafhound, Kopperfield, Buffalo, Monument, Night Sun, Agnes Strange, May Blitz, Deep Purple, King Crimson, and so on. Maybe next time.
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Date: 11/27/2002
Much better than I expected! And we at AOTM (well me anyway!) always appreciate extensive liner notes.
Date: 11/27/2002
I agree with Ion Moe. Thanks for the info. I am aware of some of these bong hit rock meisters but others I will have to keep my eyes posted for.
Date: 11/28/2002
Make me second in agreement with Ion, and put me in the boat with CASSETTA...
Date: 12/9/2012
any comp that starts with sir lord b. is gonna be a boss trip, you knows it