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Cassette | Theme - Narrative
CD | Mixed Genre

have you tried to step back and see how wretched we all are?

Side A
Artist Song
Sonic Youth  Touch Me Im Sick 
Alana Davis   32 Flavours 
The Anniversary  D in Detroit 
Bishop Allen  Charm School 
Blur   Tender 
Get Up Kids  Anne Arbour 
George Michael  One More Try 
Sunny Day...  Guitar and Video Games 
Sleater-Kinney  Buy Her Candy 
Side B
Moxy Fruvous  Fell in Love 
Guster  Homecoming King 
Deftones  Back to School 
Bis  School Disco 
The Shins  We Built a Raft 
Feeder  High 
RHCP  My Lovely Man 
Saves the Day  Jodie 


I like this...it's fun like the crazy Arab boys on Odigo.
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