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Even if the breath between us smells of alcohol

Artist Song
The Electric Soft Parade  Broadcast 
Verve  She's A Superstar 
Lowgold  Out of Reach 
Wheat  Who's The One 
Idlewild   The Bronze Medal 
Seafood  Ukiah 
The White Stripes  We're Going To Be Friends 
Jackson C. Frank  Blues Run The Game 
Evan Dando  Ride With Me (live acoustic) 
Gram Parsons  In My Hour Of Darkness 
Ryan Adams  Oh My Sweet Carolina 
The Reindeer Section  Who Told You 
Pavement  Here 
Blur  No Distance Left To Run 
Embrace  Drawn From Memory 
Coldplay  The Scientist 
Idlewild  In Remote Part/Scottish Fiction 


many of these have appeared before on other mixes but i think this is a good collection together. the songs fit really well. i didn't want to put two idlewild songs on, but lets face it, theyre worth it.


Date: 12/15/2002
oooooooh nice. i love it!