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A Collection of Tributes and Other Odditties Pt. 1

Artist Song
M.O.D.  Bonanza 
Jughead's Revenge  Talk Dirty To Me 
Throwdown  Baby Got Back 
Nine Days  The Price 
Rei Toei  Sugar 
Sinergy  Invincible 
Strung Out  Bark at the Moon 
Tuuli  Girls, Girls, Girls 
Scar Culture  Surprise You're Dead 
Eve's Plum  If I Can't Have You 
Dragon Style  Karma Police 
Link 80  Harvester of Sorrow 
Bloodhound Gang  It's Tricky 
Tilt  Where In the World is Carmen San Diego 
Elelctric Hellfire Club  Shout at the Devil 
New Found Glory  Heaven Isn't Too Far Away 
Johnette Napolitano  Dancing Barefoot 
Clocked In  New Jack Hustler 
Tapping the Vein  Cornflake Girl 
Vision of Disorder  Don't Let Me Down 
Letters to Cleo  Dreams 
The Ataris  I Remember You 


...Welfare Mix 17...this is the first part of a two part collection of various tracks from my own personal collection of CD's...most came from tributes...of which I have a ton...