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A: soundtrack for barbecue and tetherball b/w B: a transglobal pop fix

Side A
Artist Song
the steinbecks  are you guys into wings 
starlet  silver sportscar 
from bubblegum to sky  i wanna be an american boy/me and amy and the two french boys 
hefner  a hymn to the postal service 
the mountain goats  the sign 
magnetic fields  love goes to paris in the springtime 
halo benders  please please please let me get what i want 
holiday  prostitutes in town 
elvis costello  i hope you're happy now 
billy bragg  little time bomb 
unrest  yes she is my skinhead girl 
television  venus 
yo la tengo  tried so hard 
of montreal  it's easy to sleep when you're dead 
hershel savage & american flag  tour 65/let's get together 
Side B
los zafiros  cuando yo la concoci (cuba) 
neil and iraiza  where are you when i need you (japan) 
asha bhoule and mohamed rafi  bolo bolo kuchh to bolo (india) 
the crooner  colors, bubbles, and love (greece) 
club 8  my heart won't break (sweden) 
astrud gilberto  oba oba (brazil) 
gorky's zygotic mynci  faraway eyes (wales) 
solex  dork at 12 o'clock (amsterdam) 
lucksmiths  happy secret (Australia) 
stereo total  supergirl (germany) 
doktor kosmos  holiday (sweden) 
serge gainsbourg (with brigitte bardot)  comic strip (france) 
spring   baby blue (spain) 
os mutantes  trem fantasma (brazil) 
kahimi karie  clip clap (japan) 
cinnamon  maybe in the next life (sweden)