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Cassette | Theme - Cover Songs
Cassette | Theme - Cover Songs and the New Music Outlaw...Pt. 3

Artist Song
Dragonland  The Neverending Story 
Solus  Rock 'n' Roll 
Mr. Monster  She Bop 
Daniel J Sky  Burning Inside 
The Losing Streak  I Melt With You 
The Asphalt  Jessie's Girl 
Beseech  Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie 
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones  Enter Sandman 
Mispent Youth  People Are Strange 
Sinergy  The Number of the Beast 
d-R-s  March of the Pigs 
Marilyn Manson  Rock 'n' Roll Nigger 
Laibach  Jesus Christ Superstar 
Dead Kennedys  Rawhide 
Crotalus  The Trooper 
Super Deformed  Calling Dr. Love & Garden Gnome Lib  The Sound of Silence 
Machine Head  Message in a Bottle 
Flesh Eating Foundation  Everyday is Halloween 
Type O Negative  Day Tripper (Medley) 


Welfare mix 30...the 3rd part of a series of mixes that bring together a collection of songs I snatched off of