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Merry Freaking Christmas

Artist Song
Calibretto 13  Merry Freakin' Christmas 
The Eels  Christmas is Going to the Dogs 
Arrogant Worms  Dad Threw Up On Christmas Day 
Fountains Of Wayne  The Man in the Santa Suit 
Mojo Nixon And The Toadliquors  Mr. Grinch 
The Kinks  Father Christmas 
They Might Be Giants  O Tannenbaum 
The Dandy Warhols  Little Drummer Boy 
Ray Stevens  Santa Claus Is Watching You 
They Might Be Giants  Santa's Beard 
International Language  Christmas Will Be Magic Again 
Mono Puff  Careless Santa 
Pond  Gloria In Excelsis Deo 
Ben Folds  Bizarre Christmas Incident 
Louis Armstrong  Zat You, Santa Claus 
Eve 6  First Noel (I Like Christmas) 
Weezer  Christmas Celebration 
Fountains of Wayne  I Want An Alien For Christmas 
Big Star  Jesus Christ 


My pathetic little attempt at a christmas mix. I'm sure there will be better ones coming up this coming month, but it was all really an excuse to use this cover.
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Date: 12/1/2002
cool i love this mix
Date: 12/4/2002
cr3Epy cover. but i am disappointed at the lack of tom lehrer's 'a christmas carol'. nothing like a good bit of cynicism to liven up the holidays.