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The Acorn

Artist Song
The Acorn  Dents  
The Acorn  Glory (1st Version)  
The Acorn  Brokered Heart  
The Acorn  Heirlooms  
The Acorn  Maple Bees  


Thanks in part to a 2009 tour slot with Elbow, as well as Guy Garvey's glowing endorsement of [i]Glory Hope Mountain[/i], and their own unquestionable originality, Canada's the Acorn saw their star rise in the U.K. as the Zeroes drew to a close. If intriguing, beautifully constructed early tracks like "The Pink Ghosts" (2004) and "Plates & Saucers" (2005) — recorded at a time when the band was basically a one-man recording project overseen by Rolf Klausener — blinked at us from the margins, then concept release [i]Glory Hope Mountain[/i] (2007) placed the outfit front and centre in the indie-folk firmament. An impressionistic canvas exploring the life of Klausener's mother, the record enchanted and captivated with the likes of "Crooked Legs." 2010's [i]No Ghost[/i] was conceived in a Quebec cottage and completed in a Montreal heat-wave — in common with the work of 20th century wood engraver Paul Landacre, the album takes a modern approach to rusticity, as the various elements woven i
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