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Ash Grunwald

Artist Song
Ash Grunwald  Crossroads  
Ash Grunwald  Jesus Gonna Be Here (live)  
Ash Grunwald  Baby Please Don't Leave Me  
Ash Grunwald  Everyday  
Ash Grunwald  Spoonful (live)  
Ash Grunwald  If You Don't Mind  
Ash Grunwald  Just Be Yourself (live)  
Ash Grunwald  Smokestack Lightning  
Ash Grunwald  Walking Blues (live)  


There's nothing like a good ol' grounding in blues classics, and that's exactly what Grunwald proved he possessed on 2001's self-released Introducing, which includes an excellent cover of Howlin' Wolf's "Smokestack Lightning." The next two albums followed his discovery of Tom Waits' use of unorthodox, D.I.Y. percussion, and that influence can be heard on both the metallic railroad-spike backbeat of "Everyday" and the cracklin' live cover "Jesus Gonna Be Here." Give Signs, Grunwald's first album of wholly original material, was released in 2007 — highlights include beach-culture celebration "Do It Now" and the eerie, spiritual groove "Think Tank."
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