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(Nothing But) Flowers

Artist Song
Talking Heads  (Nothing But) Flowers 
Fiona Apple  On the Bound 
They Might Be Giants  Ana Ng 
Jennifer  If You Were Here 
Ben Folds Five  Uncle Walter 
Rufus  Tell Me Something Good 
Sarah McLachlan  Song for a Winter's Night 
Naoki  Brilliant 2U 
Tori Amos  Muhammad My Friend 
Fleetwood Mac  Gypsy 
Pretenders  Don't Get Me Wrong 
Garmana  Gamen 
Buckwheat Boyz  Peanut Butter Jelly Time (Internet Mix) 
Siouxsie and the Banshees  Shadowtime 
Jill Scott  A Long Walk 
Nelly Furtado  I Will Make You Cry 
  November 20 
Bad English  When I See You Smile 
Bjork  A New Day 


I originally designed this as a gift for a girl I had a crush on, but after a few listens it seemed to be a little too revealing about myself. Perhaps a sequal, or prequal, to "Creepy Luv"?