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Rock Over London

Artist Song
Wesley Willis  Merry Christmas 
Wesley Willis  Rock Saddam Hussien's Ass 
Wesley Willis  The Vultures Ate My Dead Ass Up 
Wesley Willis  Northwest Airlines 
Wesley Willis  Kill That Jerk 
Wesley Willis  Alanis Morissette 
Wesley Willis  My Mother Smokes Crack Rocks 
Wesley Willis  Kill Whitey 
Wesley Willis  Bill Clinton 
Wesley Willis  I Whupped Batman's Ass 
Wesley Willis  Birdman Kicked My Ass 
Wesley Willis  They Threw Me Out of Church 
Wesley Willis  Rock and Roll McDonalds 
Wesley Willis  Britney Spears 
Wesley Willis  Kris Kringle Was a Car Thief 
Wesley Willis  Cut the Mullet 
Wesley Willis  Loud Lucy 
Wesley Willis  Arnold Schwarzenegger 
Wesley Willis  I Killed Your Daddy Yesterday 
Wesley Willis  Jello Biafra 
Wesley Willis  Oil Express 
Wesley Willis  Kiss My Black Ass 
Wesley Willis  Rock it to Russia 
Wesley Willis  Scream Dracula Scream 
Wesley Willis  Snoop Doggy Dogg 
Wesley Willis  Jesus is the Answer (Live) 


Always topical, always irreverent, Mr. Willis has revolutionized the Casio Keyboard in ways that the world may not be quite ready. Although his technique has been dismissed by some as nonsensical, mechanical, even derivative, some of his lyrics are truly poetic and represents the struggles some of us meet on a day-to-day basis.
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Date: 12/15/2002
I think the fact that there now exists a Wesley Willis mixed tape inthe world is a sad state of affairs, and you really should lay off the crack. ROCK OVER LONDON, ROCK OVER CHICAGO, TIDE WHITENS LIKE REGULAR BLEACH CAN'T.
(i like "The Vultures Ate My Dead Ass Up")
Date: 12/15/2002
Wheaties! The Breakfast of Champions!
Haha, good mix. I saw Wesley live at the Entry in Minneapolis, he is a fine fellow and a delightful musician. Sadly the stool on the stage hurt his ass too much and he had to cut the show short. I Whupped Batman's Ass is an eternal classic.
Date: 12/15/2002
fucking beautiful. may you ride the joybus.
Date: 12/16/2002
i met wesley willis at an alkaline trio concert but i have yet to see him play
Date: 12/17/2002
Rock and Roll McDonalds!! Hell yeah.This is one sweet mix.I just wish it would have had "Outburst".That song makes me pee my pants.