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Two Car Garage in a One Horse Town

Artist Song
Deftones  The Boy's Republic 
Deftones  Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) 
Deftones  Chrsitmas 
Deftones  Answers 
Deftones  Freaks 
Deftones  Do They Know it's Christmas? 
Deftones  El Scorcho (Live) 
Deftones  Say it Ain't So (Live) 
Deftones  The Chauffeur 
Deftones  Can't Even Breathe 
Deftones  Teether 
Deftones  Night Boat 
Deftones  Subliminal (Live) 
Weezer  The Good Life 
Weezer  Tired of Sex 
Weezer  Pink Triangle 
Weezer  Hash Pipe 
Imperial Teen  Ivanka 
Stone Temple Pilots  Plush (Live) 
Suicidal Tendencies  Institutionalized 


A mix that started as a single artist Deftones mix and expanded.


Date: 12/17/2002
This looks really cool. I think I'd kinda like to have this. Let me know if you wanna trade.