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Cassette | Theme - Romantic

{file under swing, not jazz}

Side A
Artist Song
Go, Daddy  o! 
In the Mood  Royal Crown Revue 
Sing Sing Sing  Ella Fitzgerald 
Stompin' at the Savo  Squirrel Nut Zippers 
Poppity Pop Goes the  Unsteady 
Life Goes to a Party  Royal Crown Revue 
Pennsylvannia 6  5000 
Big Time Operator  Jump Jive & Wail 
Lou Rawls  Nobody But Me  
Woody Herman  Woodchopper's Ball C 
Bobby & Joe Royal Cr  Be Bop For Boo 
Ellington Themes  Count Basie 
Royal Crown Revue  Jumpin' in G 
Side B
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy  Go, Daddy 
Leap Frog  Glenn Miller 
Elevator Operator  Suspect Bill 
You'll Have to Swing  (?) 
Got My Own Thing Now  Royal Crown Revue 
Gotta Dance  Harry James 
Stormy Weather  Ska King Crab 
Glenn Miller  I've Got a Girl in K 
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy  You & Me & the Bottl 
Count Basie  With Plenty of Money 
Brown Derby Jump  Hepcat 
Royal Crown Revue  Swingin' All Day 


This should be in the "swing" section, but there is no "swing" section, so I put it here. It was my Father's Day gift to my dad.