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Bell Orchestre

Artist Song
Bell Orchestre  Icicles / Bicycles  
Bell Orchestre  Les Lumieres Pt. 1  
Bell Orchestre  Quintet  
Bell Orchestre  Throw It On the Fire  
Bell Orchestre  Airlines / Landlines (Deadly Stare Remix)  
Bell Orchestre  The Upwards March  
Bell Orchestre  Water / Light / Shifts (Tim Hecker Remix)  
Bell Orchestre  Bucephalus Bouncing Ball  
Bell Orchestre  The Stars In His Head / Bernard 33 (Dark Lights) [Colin Stetson Remix]  
Bell Orchestre  Les Lumieres Pt. 2  
Bell Orchestre  As Seen Through Windows (Live)  
Bell Orchestre  Salvatore Amato  
Bell Orchestre  Elephants  
Bell Orchestre  The Bells Play the Band  


Brought to life in Montreal round about the same time as Arcade Fire, and sharing personnel with that globally triumphant outfit (violinist Sarah Neufeld and bassist Richard Parry), Bell Orchestre is what happens when restlessly inventive, classically trained musicians enter the contemporary post-rock space. A list of influences — which must include late-era Talk Talk as well as classical minimalists like Philip Glass — offers only a hint of what it feels like to spend quality time with their two albums to date, the most recent of which As Seen Through Windows made it onto the 2009 long list for the Polaris Prize. There's so much going on here that fresh listens guarantee new rewards, from the swiftly passing soundscape of "Quintet" to the subtle aural sparkles of "Les Lumieres Pt.1" and their amazing un-digital cover of the Aphex Twin's "Bucephalus Bouncing Ball."
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