when blinded, construct images around unknown sounds, and assume you are correct

Artist Song
QA - Moorish Idols  First Light 
Jeff Buckley  Ulalume 
Zeeza  Points of Five 
QA - Vietnam  Chant 
Johnny Depp & Come  Madroad Driving 
Holly Golightly  Your Love Is Mine 
Nick Drake  River Man 
QA - San Francisco  Carlos DiCarlos 
And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead  Relative Ways Segue 
John Corbett And Heavy Friends  Parapoli, Rosa E 
QA - San Francisco  Caltrain 
The Black Heart Procession  Destroying The City of Hearts 
The Discoteca Collection  Samba 
Songs: Ohia  Lightning Risked It All 
Kelly Hogan  I'll Go To My Grave Loving You 
QA - Vietnam  Dialog 
Calexico  Bloodflow 
QA - Fiji  Clapping Music 
Roba Stanley  Devilish Mary 
QA - Burma  Tape Chaos 
Cat Power  Peking Saint 
Rasputina  Dig Ophelia 
QA - Burma  Nat Pwe 
Veda Hille  Instructions 


Mix made after finding www.quietamerican.org, involving serveral slips from the site. An attempt at something at least vaguely disconcerting.
image for mix